Company Profile

SMH Infra Properties Pvt. Ltd

SMH Infra Properties Pvt. Ltd has projects at most prime locations in the city of Lucknow and has various lifestyle amenities within the vicinity of its projects and social infrastructure nearby.

Conceived out of the passions of some highly qualified professional, our real estate company in Lucknow consists of experts that come with significant industry and vocation specific insights and experience. With this team, we as real estate developers in India have been able to introduce innovation in construction functionality and aesthetics.

Our diverse engineering team has experience in construction of multi storey buildings, shopping malls, sez parks, independent villas, apartments, hotels, private member’s clubs, waste water treatment plants, roads and bridges etc. As engineers we also undertake projects and advise our clients on how to optimize their projects and guide them in order to achieve efficiency in a cost effective manner.


SMH Infra Properties Pvt. Ltd

Our strength lies in our futuristic vision, where others see and we see opportunity, which translates into thinking ahead of times.

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